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White Label

Resellers can make their own LOGO/Website/APP/DNS and sell under their own brand.

Own reseller panel

Own Reseller Panel

With your reseller panel, You are in total control of your customers, Create accounts and reset passwords.

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Low Investment

You basically buy as you sell. Pay $199 for being a reseller, Buy credit at affordable prices, and your Credits will NEVER expire.


Manage Accounts

With our reseller panel, you have complete control where you can add new customers, remove old users or expired ones, generate free trials, edit user bouquets, add or remove Mag and Engima devices, purchase paid trial if free expires, and so on.

Manage account reseller panel

User management

The ability to create and manage user accounts, including setting permissions and managing subscription plans.

Channel organization

The ability to categorize channels into different groups or categories, such as by language, genre, or country.


The ability to track viewer statistics, such as the number of viewers and the length of time they spend watching a particular channel or program.


 The ability to work with a variety of devices, such as smart TVs, streaming devices, and mobile devices.


120 Credits


240 Credits


600 Credits


IPVT reseller panel


When you become our reseller, you will buy credits to load your reseller panel.

✓ 1-Month account costs 1 Credit

✓ 3-Months account costs 3 Credit

✓ 6-Months account costs 6 Credit

✓ 1-Year account costs 12 Credit

To Be Our Official IPTV Reseller

You will need to purchase reseller panel which comes with credits, once purchased, we will create your panel, add the credits in it and provide you all access details, you can anytime contact the reseller team by WhatsApp and they will show you how to use your new panel.

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Buy Credit

to get started, You should purchase a reseller panel with minimum 10 credits.

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Create the subscription from your panel and send it yo your customers.

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Get Paid

Get paid for your service and your subscription and start make your money.

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Western union and Money gram
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